Hi everyone, my name is Emma Wooldridge and I am the creator of 100% You Athletics. A mindset program that combines my love for dance and competitive sport with my background in strengths-based supportive mentoring and social work. 

I started dancing at the age of 7 and grew up in the dance studio and competitive dance world. When I finally retired from competitive dance at 18 I was accepted into the University of Guelph where I completed a 4 year Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. After completing this degree I knew I wasn't done learning so I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work degree because of my interest in helping individuals overcome the hurdles of life. Though I loved social work, I quickly realized I was not ready to part from my passion and decided to return to the dance world as a dance educator with a background in social work; a background traditionally absent from competitive sport. 

I faced doubt and skepticism about how to interconnect both interests given that sports psychologists traditionally work with athletes, however after further research it became clear that athletes are an underserved population who could benefit from mindset training.  

100% You Athletics' main goal is to help your athlete reach their 100% potential in both their sport and in their everyday life.  A 100%You Athlete is an athlete who is; encouraging, dedicated, enthusiastic, and is a positive role model for all athletes to reach their 100%. 

The 100%You curriculum is a strength-based educational program that I developed to address the internal stress, external stress, anxiety, hopelessness and defeat dedicated athletes often experience that affects their ability to reach their fullest potential. As I developed the program it became clear that the topics discussed and lessons learned help all athletes regardless of their stress level.

Throughout the program I provide the educational tools so the athletes can develop the skills to conquer new goals, strengthen their team cohesion and develop a mental toughness for their sport.

Everything the athletes learn will naturally transfer into their everyday life.

100%YOU Values: Empowerment, Authenticity, Balance, Growth, Positivity, Integrity, Friendship and Mental Wellness

One-on-One Sessions

  • Includes a free consultation where I will have a conversation with the athlete/coach/parent (or all the above) to better understand the athlete and their mindset/mental wellness needs. The information from the consultation session will be used to create a specialized program catered to the unique needs of the athlete and their sport.  This initial consultation is also an opportunity for the athlete to get to know my personality and decide if they feel we will be a good fit to work together.
  • Specialized programs run 4-6 weeks or depending on athlete needs.  

Team Sessions

  • Includes a free consultation where I will have a conversation with coach/educator to better understand the needs of the team.
  • Sessions include: team building, individual and group goal setting, mental preparation for competition, follow up, self-care and preparation for new competitive season. 
  • Team programs typically include 3-4 sessions which occur throughout the competitive season. 

Pricing: Pricing varies depending on needs identified at initial consultation, age, number of athletes and location of athletic facility. If you are interested in setting up a session and would like to inquire about pricing, send me an email (100percentyouathletics@gmail.com) and I will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours. 

Intentional Arts and Crafts: This brand new program allows athletes the opportunity to explore how a mindfulness practice can benefit there training. Each group session is 1 hour in length and covers topics such as gratitude, focus, determination and failure and success. Each session begins with an explanation and discussion of that sessions focus and a fun, crafty, interactive activity follows. These workshops benefit athletes of all ages and gives them the opportunity to dig deeper, enhance their training on a mental level and have fun with their peers. 

Price: $50.00 for 6 sessions (Pay: cash, cheque or e-transfer to 100percentyouathletics@gmail.com)
Recommended group size: 5-15
Includes: Group discussion, individual reflection, arts and crafts activity and additional material to bring home.
Weekly Topics:
1.     Maintaining a positive Mindset (focus, determination and drive)
2.     Fostering a Supportive Environment  
3.     How to be humble and hungry  
4.     Setting challenging and reasonable goals
5.     Addressing the Stress
6.     Trusting your training and the process (how to be teachable)




" Emma's enthusiasm for athletics shines through every bit of her being! I know Emma from a professional standpoint and wish I had someone like her by my side when I was preparing for Worlds as a competitive Highland Dancer. She is passionate about helping folks be their best selves and uses her natural tendency to lean into another's strengths to bring out the best in all those she works with. She understands the competitive world and the fears, anxieties and politics that come with it. That knowledge combined with her knowledge of mental health and wellbeing as a social worker makes her a secret weapon for all those wanting to reach their 100% in any area of competitive sport".


" If you coach or teach young athletes, have a child involved in competitive sport, or are involved in a competitive dance studio, please contact Emma at 100% You Athletics. Stress, pressure, and anxiety go hand in hand with youth and competitive sport in this day in age and Emma and her program for mindset and mental wellness training is amazing.  

We implemented this program at our studio this year and from the individual and team goal setting, to the competition mental prep, and team building work, I can honestly say it has been the most valuable tool. Not only has it motivated the dancers and created team unity but has also prepared them for competition season and allowed them to enjoy the experience, teaching them coping skills, increasing confidence, and helping them understand competition is a learning tool. 

I can't tell you the value the team and individual counsel has brought and how amazing Emma is with the kids". 


" Emma has helped my daughter regain her confidence and overcome some personal challenges in her sport. She gave her advice and provided techniques to help her manage which was easily transferable in other areas of her life as well. She has also inspired her entire team to strive for their best and enjoy the journey of their sport. We are so fortunate to have her available to us".


"Miss Emma is an outstanding teacher. She teaches us as students and as people to be confident in ourselves and our ability's. We are always learning new things in physical and mental ways. She has taught us to reach for our goals and that nothing can stop us from reaching our full potential. We can honestly say that Miss Emma has made us better people, and we are truly lucky to have her as our teacher, and we know that no matter what we need help with Miss Emma will always be there supporting us. Miss Emma has guided us throughout our dance journeys and has led us towards our 100%". 



Athletic Facilities:  

1. Performance Dance Academy, Guelph ON
2. Danceology, Lucknow ON
3. Evolve Dance Centre, Kitchener ON
4. Strictly Dance, Georgetown

5. U15 Boys Volleyball, Guelph, ON

6. Girls Ringette, Guelph, ON
Individual Athletes: Competitive Dancers, Swimmers, Soccer Players and Hockey Players  



Email: 100percentyouathletics@gmail.com                                   

LOCATION: I travel to athletic facility/athlete(s) 

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